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Our Vision

Our startup is founded on a vision to revolutionize early detection of cancer, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular diseases through our pioneering nuclear imaging technology. We're committed to supporting pre-clinical and clinical research and enhancing current standards of care with high-precision tools designed for early diagnosis. Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals and research scientists with advanced imaging solutions, thereby improving patient outcomes and accelerating the development of new drugs and therapies. Through innovation and collaboration, we aspire to be at the forefront of medical diagnostic technology, contributing to a future where diseases can be identified and treated in its nascent stages.

Our Products

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Alpha-SPECT Mini™


Animal Scanner

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Alpha-SPECT Neuro™

Brain Scanner

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Whole Body Scanner

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About the

Alpha-SPECT Mini™

Introducing the MH3D Alpha-SPECT mini, our trailblazing imaging solution offering features unmatched by current market options.


1. Unparalleled energy resolution is perfect for multi-isotope imaging.

2. Ultra-wide stationary field of view needed for comprehensive whole-body dynamic studies of small animals.

3. Fully stationary detector system coupled to a dual-FOV micro-scanning aperture for optimized imaging resolution and ultrahigh sensitivity for a wide range of imaging applications.

4. Fully optimized multi-isotope imaging capability for studying alpha-labeled radiopharmaceuticals (alpha-RPT).

Meet our Founders

Dr. Zhong He, PhD


Dr. Zhong He has been a professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at the University of Michigan. Prof. He invented the 3D-readout technique which forms the foundation of semiconductor gamma-ray imaging detectors that offer high energy resolution, high imaging resolution & high sensitivity simultaneously.

Xiaopei Huang, MBA


Xiaopei Huang, equipped with an MSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and an Executive MBA from Lawrence Technological University, exemplifies seasoned leadership in the automotive HMI sector. As she pivots to the helm of a pioneering medical startup, her profound industry expertise and strategic business insights are superior assets. As CEO, Huang merges her comprehensive knowledge with resolve, guiding a cadre of talented strategists to navigate the future of medical innovation.

Dr. Ling Jian Meng, PhD


Dr. Ling-Jian Meng is a professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) with significant expertise in nuclear medicine. His research focuses on the development of innovative emission tomography imaging technologies and their applications in diagnosing and monitoring the therapeutic delivery of cancer, cardiovascular, and neural disorders.

Aileen Ouyang, PhD

Lead Data Scientist

Meet Aileen Ouyang, our lead data scientist with a passion for transforming complex data into actionable insights. With an impressive track record in data-driven strategy, she is not only pioneering our analytics department but also serves as the primary point of contact for our startup. Whether you have questions, need support, or are looking to connect with any member of our team, Aileen is your go-to guide, ensuring that your experience with us is seamless and productive.

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